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Record Request (GRAMA)

Staff Hourly Rates:  If research, manipulation, or preparation of information such as redaction, pixilation, and/or scan time is required, an hourly charge will be assessed if task takes longer than 15 minutes. The hourly rate will depend upon the lowest hourly rate of the employee with the proper security clearance and/or knowledge required to perform the task.

Fire/EMS/Investigative Reports

  • Electronic Email Format or Fax - No charge to the owner/occupant of damaged property
  • Printed Copy (first 10 pages, $0.50 additional page) - $5.00 charge to owner/occupant of damaged property
  • Flash Drive or SD Card - $35.00

Fire/EMS/Investigative Reports - $35.00

  • None Occupant owner/None patient - $35.00

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