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​Fire Marshal

Deputy Fire Marshal

Mike Rawlings

Serving: Clearfield, Sunset, West Point,
and areas of unincorporated Davis County

May contain: officer, person, police officer, captain, accessories, and glasses

Administrative Office: 801-525-2850 

The Fire Marshal is responsible for the enforcement of the current adopted State and local rules, laws, and codes.  They can assist the public with Plan Reviews, Construction,  Inspections, Code Questions, Fire Protection Systems, Burn Permits, and questions regarding rules and regulations. 

Utah Division of Forestry, Fire & State Lands Information
​Burn Permit and Fire Code Information (click this link)
Utah Department of Air Quality (click this link)
National Weather Service - Clearing Index by Air Shed
(NDFD is located in Airshed 5, the clearing index must be 500 or greater)
Burn Permits and Fire Code Utah State Law (65A-8-211) and DEQ Rule specifies the times, places, and conditions during which the public may carry out burning operations on private land. The closed fire season from June to November has one set of rules, while the rest of the year has another set of rules with some potentially tricky aspects. Don’t find out about burn permits and notifications after fire crews respond to your property on a report of smoke. Depending on the type of burning and where it takes place, a permit is not always needed. Several types of fire are exempt from some laws and rules; however, notification to your local fire department is always required.​